Tips for Unpacking After Your Move

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Tips for Unpacking After Your Move

The packing is done. The trip is complete. The truck has been unloaded. Now, the truly hard part is here; unpacking after the move. You’re walking around a big, undecorated house that only has furniture. As you stare at the piles of boxes in the garage and around the house, how do you find energy to unpack? Take a look at these tips and you will succeed.

· Basic and Essential Needs First. Your family’s basic and essential needs come first when unpacking after a move. These include food, rest and bathing. Find the boxes of food and plates. Then find the towels for the bathroom and the sheets for the beds.

· One Room at a Time. Focus on just one room at a time when unpacking after a move. When you begin to unpack, do not jump from room to room. This will only distract you from completing the task at hand. When you complete an entire room, it will motivate you to keep moving and complete a second, third and fourth room until the house is entirely unpacked.

· Unpack the Kitchen First. Your best bet is to unpack the kitchen first. This room can become a meeting place for the entire family when they need to get away from clutter and disorganization in other rooms that have yet to be unpacked. You can have family meals each day and not worry about where the cups or silverware are.

· Unpack a Communal Bathroom. Pick one of the bathrooms in the house and make it a communal one. Unpack that bathroom before any other in the house.

·  Sketch Rooms. As you move on to bigger rooms with heavier furniture, take time to sketch drawings that show how you want the furniture arranged. Drawing multiple sketches of how you want a room to look is easier than constantly rearranging the furniture. This will also help prevent family members from tiring out too soon during the unpacking and prevent injuries.

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