How Corporate Relocations Affect Children

How Corporate Relocations Affect Children

How Corporate Relocations Affect Children

A move is stressful enough, but add in children, and it can be downright intimidating not only for the parents, but also the kids. Most moves don’t happen overnight, but a corporate relocation can typically be quick. According to author David Pollock, it can take six months to pack your home and six months to unpack. With corporate relocations, adults and children don’t have this type of time to adjust. Corporate relocations affect children in different ways and we will take a look at a few of them today.

Loss of Lifelong Friendships

One of the biggest concerns adults have with relocating children for a corporate move is the loss of lifelong friendships. It can be difficult to stay in touch with friends for children. As a parent, it might be time for your child to use social media or Skype, with your supervision, so they can regularly communicate with their friends from their old home. This will help the children gain confidence in finding new friends.

Bring Traditions with You

If you truly want your children to have a positive, seamless move, bring traditions with you to your new home. Just because you moved it doesn’t mean you have to change how you operate as a family. The traditions you had in your old home can stay the same in your new home. This can be playing stickball in the backyard, going to worship together once per week or ordering takeout on Saturday nights.

Say Goodbye to the Old House

Children might have a tough time leaving the only home they’ve ever known. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to hold a going away party. This will give the children one final party in the house they know and love and properly say goodbye to it. Take plenty of pictures to put into a scrapbook your kids can look at when they are missing their old home.

Give the Kids Some Choices

In every move the adults make all of the choices. Let your kids make some decisions to help them adjust to the move. These can include what they bring to school for lunch, what clubs or sports they are involved in at school, how they want to decorate their new room and much more. Obviously, don’t go overboard with letting them make decisions, but a few here and there will help them adjust to the new home.

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