Don’t Get Surprised With the Hidden Costs of Moving

Costs of Moving

Don’t Get Surprised With the Hidden Costs of Moving

No one likes to be surprised when they look at a bill after services have been rendered, whether or not they received an estimate beforehand. The best way to avoid the hidden costs of moving is to ask plenty of questions prior to hiring a moving company to perform the job. Let’s be honest here; there are two options when it comes to moving. You can either do it all yourself or hire a company to handle the process for you.

Perform Research

Always do some research prior to making major changes in your life, especially if it involves hiring a company to help you move. Almost every company charges for the job based on the weight of the haul and the distance traveled, but you still need to be on the lookout for the charges in the fine print.

  • Extra charges for moving a piano, lawnmower, snowblower or ATV.
  • A surcharge for transportation should the company pay its workers extra for moving jobs in a metropolitan area where labor rates are typically higher.
  • Added charges if the movers have to walk more than 75 feet from their truck to your front door or if they need to use an elevator.
  • Added charges for specialized movers who are called in to disassemble pianos, pool tables, grandfather clocks or disconnect gas mains.
  • Shuttling charges in the event the truck is too big to fit down your street or will pull down low hanging wires. This could lead to the movers having to shuttle the items in a smaller truck to a larger one.

How to Avoid Hidden Costs When Moving Yourself

If you’ve decided that it is too expensive to hire a moving company and want to go it alone, there are still hidden costs you should be aware of prior to the move.

  • Do you have proper insurance? Renting a commercial truck might not be covered under your traditional auto insurance plan. Getting into an accident while driving a moving truck if not covered can be very costly. You can purchase insurance from the rental company for a reasonable price.
  • Make sure you check the rental truck before you leave the lot with it. Check for any damage, issues with it starting or any weird noise you hear while it is running. A poorly kept truck might give you problems in the middle of the move, costing you in time and money.

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