Moving and Packing Checklist

Moving and Packing Checklist

Moving and Packing Checklist

Moving is stressful, even if you are moving to a new house in the same town. No matter the size or distance of your move, you need to be prepared for a host of different things. The more you are prepared, the less likely it is that something will go wrong. And the more you are prepared, the better you will be at handling any issues that arise. Take a look at our moving and packing checklist before you start your project.

How to Keep the Move on Schedule

  • Start the process with the basement, attic and closets when you decide to move.
  • Reserve a moving company at least two weeks prior to your move. Ask them if they are insured and request a copy of their policies.
  • Submit a change of address form with the post office one week prior to your move.
  • Schedule the disconnect times for your current phone, cable, internet and other utilities at least one week before you move. Don’t wait until the day of the move.
  • One week prior to your move make sure your phone, cable, internet and other utilities will be activated upon your arrival at your new home.
  • Don’t forget to cancel your landscaper, exterminator, maid and newspaper delivery one week before the move.
  • Do not pack your cleaning supplies until the last minute possible. Clean your old place once more before you leave, especially if you are looking to collect a security deposit.

Don’t Forget These Items During the Move

  • If you have to take apart some of your furniture, do not leave the hardware for it behind. You won’t be able to reassemble it at your new home.
  • Read your owner’s manuals prior to moving appliances. Some of them need special care when being moved.
  • Have kids? Do not leave any of their yard toys behind. This will only make the move on them harder to accept.
  • Don’t forget to take all of the art and pictures of your walls.
  • Properly dispose of any items moving companies cannot transport. This list includes gasoline, ammunition and other flammable items. Take them to your county waste facility.
  • Don’t forget to pack a ‘go bag.’ This is something most people use in an emergency, but it also works for a move. Having a bag with your essentials; toothbrush, toothpaste, phone chargers, a change of clothes and important paperwork will make the move easier.

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