Tips for Coping with the Stress of Relocation

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Tips for Coping with the Stress of Relocation

Almost everyone knows how stressful it is to move. It doesn’t matter the distance of the move or the scale, it is a stressful life event for people of all ages. There isn’t really one way or another to have a completely stress-free move, but you can do things to cope with the stress or lessen it as much as possible.

Take Control of the Move

One of the best ways to limit your stress is to take control of the move.

  • Use a notebook to write ideas and thoughts down instead of your phone. Writing can be cathartic and it will help you remember things that need to be completed.
  • Color code the boxes. Buy different colored packing tape and label each box with a specific color based on the room where it needs to go. For example, all office boxes are green and all master bedroom boxes are blue.
  • Get rid of excess. A move is the perfect time to get rid of excess in your life. Whether it’s old items from a job 10 years ago or clothes you haven’t worn it years, get rid of it all.
  • Find Doctors in advance. You know you are moving and you know what town you will be living in, so find new doctors ahead of time in the event you arrive sick.
  • Complete your moving to-do list beginning with the most important tasks and ending with the least important tasks. This will help you reduce stress as the day gets closer.
  • If you have children, set up a play date with their friends and take them somewhere your child wants to go so they can have fun.

Take Care of Yourself

  • A stressful move can be dealt with by exercising 20 minutes a day, three times per week. This will help you let off some steam and regroup for the next task on the list.
  • Try to stay within your normal routine as much as possible. Don’t start eating takeout every night if that’s not something you did in the past. Do not stay up half the night to pack. You need to keep your routines in check to lessen your stress.
  • Take a break from it all and simply relax. Turn off your phone, put your computer away and quiet the television. Sit in silence for 20 minutes to clear your brain and emotions.
  • Try to laugh as much as possible. When you are having family time at night, watch a sitcom on TV or a comedy movie. Play silly games or tell jokes. Laughing helps lower stress levels.

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