7 “To-Do’s” Before Moving for Work

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7 “To-Do’s” Before Moving for Work

Make sure you hit everything on this checklist prior to making the move for work.

  • Pick the Right Realtor. The right realtor will make all the difference when listing your home. You want to go with someone experienced and who comes up with a strong marketing plan for your home.
  • Ask about Relocation Benefits. It doesn’t hurt to ask your employer about relocation benefits. The help can include moving costs, rental fees if you need a temporary residence, a buyout option in the event your home does not sell before you have to move and sometimes even closing costs.
  • Make Preview Trips. It is highly recommended that you make preview trips prior to making a move for work. This includes checking out the possible areas of town to live in and the homes available. Make sure you visit as many homes for sale as possible.
  • Find a Real Estate Agent in Your New Town. You should work with a real estate agent in your new town who can explain the neighborhoods to you thoroughly. They should be able to answer questions about schools, taxes, police and fire services and more.
  • Find a Mortgage Service. Do some research into the mortgage services available in your new area. This will help you make a decision about where to borrow the money.
  • Determine Moving Services. Contract with a moving company that is insured and handles the type of relocation you are about to take part in for work.
  • Determine Transitional Items. Once all of the above is taken care of you can determine transitional items for your move. These include utilities at the new home, internet connection, cable connection, water service, trash collection and more.

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