10 Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

A row of mini rental units for temporary self storage in an outdoor setting.

10 Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

Self storage units are still popular these days, even as more and more people learn how to downsize. The units are used for storing items during moves, gaining additional space at home or in the office, and storing items kids bring home from college until the new semester begins. Before you start putting your items in a storage unit, be sure you know which ones require climate controlled storage.

  • Wood Furniture. Wood can warp when exposed to too much moisture over time. A climate controlled storage unit that prevents moisture from harming wood furniture is best for your needs.
  • Leather Furniture. Leather furniture also requires climate controlled storage because it cannot be exposed to drastic and frequent temperature changes.
  • Appliances. Appliances must be protected from extreme heat or cold. Climate controlled storage will protect these items from developing rust and from having mechanical parts crack.
  • Special Collections. Special collections such as art, wine, coins, stamps, baseball cards and books must be stored in climate controlled units to prevent mold, moisture and dust damage.
  • Instruments. Humidity is not kind to instruments, which is why climate controlled storage is needed for pianos, string instruments, woodwind and brass.
  • Clothes. Climate controlled storage units can help prevent clothes from developing mildew and prevent them from moths growing.
  • Art. We mentioned art briefly under special collections, but it is so important to protect it from the climate that it needed its own category. The best environment for artwork is 50 percent humidity with a temperature that ranges between 70 and 75 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Electronics. Humidity can also damage electronics that are put in storage for a prolonged period. This includes TVs, DVD players, video game systems and stereos. Climate controlled storage units can prevent the buildup of humidity and moisture.
  • Photos. Much like books, photos are very delicate, especially the further back the dates go when taken. Make sure you not only store them in climate controlled units, but also use albums or boxes that have passed the Photographic Activity Test.
  • Business Documents. Business documents are typically on paper, not always on digital files or CDs, which is why they need to be stored in a climate controlled unit. Putting them in this type of unit will prevent discoloration, mold, mildew, fading and more.

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