How and Why to Tip a Mover

Moving is a stressful event in someone’s life and more often than not it cannot be done without the help of an experienced mover. It is common courtesy to tip the movers who help you, but how much is appropriate? And does it have to be done in the form of cash? We will answer those questions and more in this post.

Tipping is Not Required

Tipping is not required when moving and using a moving company, but it is a great way to show the movers you are thankful for all the hard work they did for you. The job of moving someone else’s property is stressful, difficult, tiring and exhausting at times. Movers are responsible for the care of your items during the move. Tipping etiquette suggests that if you decide to tip the movers, give at least $20 per mover. Another etiquette tip to follow is to hand the tip to each individual mover and not the supervisor of the crew.

Why Tip More Than Normal?

There are some circumstances that would allow for tipping more than the norm. For example, if the movers had to carry quite a bit of bulky or heavy furniture up multiple flights of stairs or for a couple of city blocks. Another example would be that the team completed the move in a shorter period of time than originally anticipated.

Do I Have to Tip in Cash?

Cash is the most common form of tip given to movers, but it doesn’t always have to be cash. If the moving is taking quite a bit of time, you could consider buying the crew a nice lunch for them to have as they replenish for the rest of the job. You could also provide them with cold drinks and snacks. If you are looking to get rid of some furniture you can ask the movers first if they would like it themselves.
There is no right or wrong answer to how you should tip a mover, but it is common practice that a tip is levied in one form or another.

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