How to File and What to Expect in Filing a Moving Claim for Loss or Damage

Moving companies strive to perform your move in a quick, yet effective manner. They will do everything possible to protect your items and ensure a safe delivery to their new location. But, accidents happen, some not the fault of the movers, that just cannot be avoided. Because of this you might need to file a moving claim for loss or damage after your move.

Prior to the Move

Before the move happens, the movers should create an inventory list of all your furniture and boxes. They will list each item individually and mark down the condition. Make sure you look over the inventory and either agree or disagree with their assessment. This will come in handy down the road if you need to file a claim.


After delivery has been made, make a note on the inventory list if items have been damaged or are missing from the truck. This is how you can start the claim process.
Call the main office of the moving company and ask them to send paperwork for filing a claim. Do not expect the moving team to have it with them. There is a possibility they will have the paperwork in their truck, but it might be a longshot.
Save all items that have been damaged. Do not throw them out and do not repair them until the moving company can send someone to inspect them. If the broken items pose a danger to your family, take a picture and ask the moving company if the items can be discarded. If the company says no, store the items in a safe place.
Return the claim form to the moving company as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your claim will be denied.

What to Expect Next

Once the claim has been submitted to the moving company a claims adjuster will be assigned to the case. The adjuster will come out to inspect the items damaged and create a report. It should take a week to hear back from the company about the information submitted by the adjuster.

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