Moving Company Shares Tips to Make Moving Easier for Your Family

Moving is never easy, no matter how many times you’ve done it, and can be especially difficult for people with a family. Moving by yourself is tough. Moving with a spouse or loved one is difficult, but moving with children can be the most challenging move of all. Here are some tips to make moving easier for your family.

Prepare Them

Do your best to prepare the family as much as possible, especially if you have young children. Now, if the move is sudden due to a financial situation, a death in the family or a job change, there’s only so much preparation you can do. But, if you have time, prepare your children in advance. For preschool-aged children, let them know a month ahead of time what is happening. This will give them time to get ready to say their goodbyes to friends and family. Let the children know that all of their toys and furniture will be going with you during the move. Try to keep things as normal as possible for them.

Let Them Cry

Children are going to cry. It’s a fact of life. Let them cry at the news and whenever they are upset about the situation. Never try to force your children into accepting the move. Let them do it on their own time. They might have trouble coming to terms with leaving behind friends or loved ones, like a grandparent, who has been in their lives since birth. They will eventually come around and learn to love their new life.

Stay Positive

Even though you are the adult, you might also be sad about having to move. Let your children see your sadness, but show them how you handle it appropriately. Don’t get too negative about the situation. Stay as positive as possible because it rubs off on the children.

Maintain Routines

Even though the move is imminent, do not change the family’s routines. If every Friday night is pizza and a movie night, stick to it. Get packing done during the day, or after the kids go to bed, so you can stick to your routines. Keeping the children in the same routine will help them prepare for the move.

Meet New Neighbors

Do your best to meet the new neighbors upon arrival to your new home. This allows your children to meet as many new friends in the neighborhood as possible. New friends can help lessen the sadness of the move for the children and get them acclimated to the new environment much quicker.

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