Storage Packing Tips

Do you need to put your items in a storage unit? If so, you will want to pack them properly in order to not only save space, but also protect the items from damage. The worst thing that can happen to your belongings is having them break while in storage, which is something you are likely trying to prevent by moving them out of your home.

Packing Boxes

You should pack the boxes appropriately. The first thing you need to do is buy only two sizes of boxes and no more. When you have almost all of the boxes the same size it makes them easier to stack. Before putting your items in the boxes, be sure you group them appropriately and create multiple labels for each box. Put a label on the top and all four sides of every box. This makes it easier to know what is inside when it comes time to unpack.
Try to pack as many similar items in each box as possible without making them too heavy. Boxes that are too heavy will be difficult to stack and could cause other boxes to break. You don’t want to waste space in the boxes you are packing, so you need to find a happy medium so they are not too heavy.
Seal all of your boxes with packing tape in an effort to prevent dust from entering and damaging the items inside. Do not wrap breakable items in boxes using plastic. Plastic might seem like a good idea, but can actually be inviting to moisture.
When packing books in boxes, be sure to lay them down and not stand them up like on a bookshelf. If you stand the books up, you run the risk of their spines being damaged in transit or while in storage.


If you are storing appliances in the unit, make sure they have been thoroughly cleaned and emptied of all food. Freezers and refrigerators should be defrosted and completely dry. Drain the washing machine. Any appliance with a door should be stored with the door left slightly ajar.

Organizing the Unit

When it comes to organizing the storage unit, you should never just throw items inside. Properly stack boxes, leaving a path to walk down the middle. As you put more and more items in the unit, consider drawing a sketch of how the items are stored. This will help you when looking for things in the future.

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