Tips for Moving Abroad

One of the biggest decisions you could make in life is whether or not to move abroad. Then there are times where you have to move abroad because of a job, school, or family. A move abroad can be exciting and stressful at the same time. If you’ve never done it before you will have a lot of questions and plenty to worry about prior to the move. Here are some important tips for your move abroad.

Pack Accordingly

You will need to pack accordingly. For example, if you are only going for a short time, you won’t need to bring much with you. A semester abroad will last just a handful of months, so you won’t need to bring furniture or most of your wardrobe. A longer move abroad, for six months or more, could lead you to shipping items overseas. The shipment could include furniture, housewares and all of your clothes.

Acquire a Visa

You will need to acquire a visa prior to moving abroad. The visa could be for school, work or a permanent one. If you are permanently moving abroad, you will want to apply for citizenship once settled in your new country of residence. If moving for a job, your employer will likely help you apply for the temporary work visa required.


Ensure that your finances are in place prior to moving abroad. This means that your domestic bank account will need to have enough money in it to support you for at least one month. If you are moving for a job and will be getting paid while abroad, open a new account at a bank in your new country. Make sure the paychecks get deposited into the new account so you can pay for food, utilities, and other necessities while abroad.


Prior to moving abroad, make a decision about your mail. You can either have it stopped and held at the post office for the length of the move or have it forwarded to your new address.

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